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Harikesh Nair, Jean-Pierre Dubé and Pradeep Chintagunta. (2005). “Accounting for Primary and Secondary Demand Effects with Aggregate Data,” Marketing Science 24(3), 444-463.

Harikesh Nair, Pradeep Chintagunta and Jean-Pierre Dubé. (2004). “Empirical Analysis of Indirect Network Effects in the Market for Personal Digital Assistants,”Quantitative Marketing and Economics 2(1), 23-58.

  • Analyzes indirect network effects in the adoption of PDA-s in the US focusing on complementarities in demand between PDA hardware and software.
  • Finalist, 2005 AMA TechSIG Best Article Award
  • Appendix: Demand function derivation

Ramarao Desiraju, Harikesh Nair and Pradeep Chintagunta. (2004). “Diffusion of New Pharmaceutical Drugs in Developing and Developed Nations,”International Journal of Research in Marketing 21(4), 341-357.

  • Analyzes heterogeneity in the speed of adoption of pharmaceutical drugs across several developing countries.